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Simon Morrison Deaker

A painter and mixed media artist, Simon's works enjoy the subtle conflicts that elements in his world enjoy. He looks to find a juxtaposition in a story. Simon predominately paints on canvas with acrylics and oils. Currently he is exploring engraving his illustrations and graphic content into wooden art panels and finishing them in stains, paint and wax finishes.

Simon Morrison Deaker has built a strong following for his provocative comment and intelligent style. He is an abstract artist using colloquial themes, social commentary and states of construction as themes in his work. In previous works his abstract landscapes soaked in the colour spectrum of the region and the discussion of the ownership of land both fiscally and emotionally sit against symbols and developed icons. Various aspects of his surrounds are represented with text in the form of place names, commercial ideas or as elements of construction in the landscape.

Simon is a Queenstown based artist and graduate of Victoria and Massey School of Design (1997, Wellington) and the Multimedia and Arts College (1999, Christchurch). Working in Film and design from 2000, Simon's been a full time artist since 2002. He has works held in public and private collections in Australia, England and the USA.

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