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Lee van der Geest


Lee van der Geest is a local Queenstown resident artist who sculpts and paints using a variety of mediums.

Lee started her career as a florist and has since progressed to sculpture and painting. Her works are mostly inspired by nature, evident by her use of materials collected while exploring the Wakatipu Basin. Her paintings are bold and colourful, often with flowers and animals as the subjects. The sculptures are constructed from driftwood, bones, seaweed, vines, wire, and willow. She has 35 years experience in conducting art classes and workshops, as well as installing large public and private art displays. 


Lee now lives and creates at her home situated on the edge of Lake Hayes in Queenstown.

Giant Pear
Giant Hare
Onion Heads
Pigs (medium and small)
SOLD - Sheep and Lambs
Kiwi (rusty large)
Kiwis (medium and small)
Kiwis (medium and small)
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