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Kevin Stevenson

For 35 years I've been a shearer, deer farmer, truck driver and other things normal people do. This means that on one hand I have a rational left hemisphere and on the other a completely irrational, illogical and intuitive right hemisphere which kept on jumping across to the left at the most inopportune moments. This was in hindsight, my subconscious directing me to be what I was born to do - paint. That is why, I suppose, that at present I'm in the most peaceful, satisfying space I've been in since leaving school. "Better late than never", to coin a much repeated phrase and I wouldn't have missed the normal part "for quids". Life has been kind.

SOLD - Milford Sound
Skippers Canyon
SOLD - Shearing Australia
Rees River Valley in Hut
Fishing - Mataura
Mt Talbot
Mt Linton
SOLD - Fishing - Fiordland
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