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Karen Scott

Karen Scott is a mixed media artist who lives and works at Loch Linnhe Station on the shores of Lake Wakatipu. When she is not mustering the high country with her team of dogs and horses she can be found in her studio painting. Inspiration for her work comes from her life farming, her animals, family, friends and current events. Karen has won many awards and exhibits regularly.

Pure New Wool
Hereford Country III
Young Heifer
SOLD - Till the Cows Come Home
SOLD - It's Black or White
Fairlight Horses
SOLD - Towards Fairlight
SOLD - Dairy Milk
SOLD - Hereford Country II
SOLD - Cow Country II
SOLD - Ponytails
Puppy for Sale I
SOLD - Wild Ducklings
SOLD - Woody, Woody
SOLD - Young Stag
SOLD - Fast Forward
SOLD - Banty, Banty
Goose Step
In a Bit of a Spot
SOLD - Wise Owl
SOLD - Hare
Castlerock Calf Sale Hereford Heifer
SOLD - Happy Dog
SOLD - Cow and Calf
SOLD - Hereford Cow and Calf
SOLD - Taming the Beast
SOLD - Hereford Cow
SOLD - Heading Home
Black Horse
SOLD - Young Hare
Lonesome Dude
Little Red Hens
Blue Quails
Turquoise Quails
Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow 1
Sitting Hare
SOLD - Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow 2
Finding the Right Spot
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