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Emma-Kate Moore

Emma-Kate Moore lives, and finds inspiration in, the Queenstown-Lakes district of New Zealand’s South Island. She has a Bachelor of Arts in philosophy and literature and is a self-taught artist and illustrator with a professional portfolio developed over the last decade. Now in her 30’s, she has loved drawing since childhood. 


Her practice is built around her deep observation of the natural world alongside her fascination with the forms that emerge as a function of light in her subjects. She delights in line creating shapes, the making of an expressive, fluid geometry. Her aesthetic falls somewhere between nostalgic and contemporary, her marks capture things both present and enduring. Emma-Kate pursues a number of mediums, from oils to iPad, to express what she sees.


With a keen interest in classic forms of print making, Emma-Kate has recently embarked on a series of prints that follow traditional printing processes in creating a series of matrices, but hand drawing and then brushing each layer of flat, transparent colour with an Apple Pencil on an iPad Pro. Unlike computer generated images where a few clicks tell the computer what to make, Emma-Kate makes each and every mark by hand. The layers are then printed with archival inks on Hahnemühle 300gsm watercolour paper in a specific order to create the final artwork - a small edition of original prints. The result is a sensitive, abstracted representation, a glimpse into Emma-Kate's knowing of the landscape she loves.


Emma-Kate has been a finalist in both national and regional art competitions. She exhibits regularly and her work is much loved in private collections throughout New Zealand and internationally.

Kawarau - The Remarks - Above Homestead Bay
Kawarau, Evening Light (North and South)
Across Lake Hawea
Upper Mataura Shearing Sheds
Sunday Sailing, Lake Wakatipu
Kawarau - The Remarks - Through the Gardens
Lake Hayes Reflections
SOLD - Southern Beech - Tryptich
SOLD - Remarks, Quiet After Fresh Snow
SOLD - Cascading Shadows
SOLD - Remarkables from the Marina
Sheep Just South of Kingston
SOLD - Central Otago Vines
SOLD - Staircase Creek, Lake Wakatipu
SOLD - Fairlight
SOLD - Eyre Mountains, Afternoon Light
SOLD - Golden Light on the Remarks - SOLD
SOLD - Collection of Ridgeline and Detail
SOLD - Blue Sky Days, Remarkables Ridgeline
SOLD - Southern Beech
SOLD - Halfway Bay, North and South
SOLD - Meditation on the Remarks
SOLD - Remarkables from the Bridge
SOLD - Ben Lomond
SOLD - Good Times
Sheep and Gorse
SOLD - Remarkables, PT2036m
SOLD - Eyre Mountains
SOLD - Arrow Junction
SOLD - From the Old Kawarau Bridge
SOLD - Autumn Below the Remarkables
SOLD - Autumn Tree Line, Lake Wanaka
SOLD - Spring Snow on the Remarks
SOLD - Remarks from Saint Omer Park
SOLD - Triptych - Hector Mountains 1
SOLD - Triptych - Hector Mountains 2
SOLD - Triptych - Hector Mountains 3
SOLD - Peninsula Hill
SOLD - Remarkables Across the Narrows
SOLD - Diptych - Cecil Peak East
SOLD - Diptych - Cecil Peak West
Saddle Up
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