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Dave Ashburn

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Dave Ashburn is a heavy diesel mechanic and accidental artist. He works in the medium of carving, specifically the hand-carving of builders pencil leads. Each letter is individually carved from the pencil’s lead using a small craft knife. His love of carving and learning led him to complete a Diploma in Māori Visual Art, Whakairo in 2018.

There are two main elements to Dave’s art that are important to him; the use of builders’ pencils and the sayings that are depicted. He uses a mix of new and used pencils, preferring the used ones that have had a previous life with a craftsman; they have a story of their own.

Dave chooses clever sayings that have a confronting element of truth, that make people stop and think. He also welcomes commission pieces.

He creates from home in Winton, where he lives with his wife and two children.

Fitting In Isn't the Objective
Smartest Person in the Room
Fitting (detail)
Dave Ashburn
Pencils Ink
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