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Clare Matthews


Clare is a contemporary abstract landscape painter, based north of Wellington, NZ. She has painted for almost 18 years, exploring a variety of artistic techniques and subjects. More recently she has started painting abstract landscapes, something she has always been drawn to and finally had the curiosity and urge to explore for herself. Her paintings are a direct response to the natural environment both real and imagined, expansive and contained. She takes her inspiration from light, big skies, colour, natural forms, as well as the microcosmic detail found within the natural environment.

She starts each piece intuitively, having considered which palette and mood she might wish to capture, laying down paint with complete freedom and responding to each layer with more paint and a loose sense of composition. Adding marks with various tools, lines with oil pastel, scraping back layers, adding more richness to others until something starts to reveal itself. As she works, a place, a glimpse of land, a memory, something that triggers a response about how to proceed with the next stages of the painting begins to take shape.

At this part in the process, possibility becomes a reality and she continues to add, subtract and embellish, keeping an eye on composition and editing the layers and shapes until she is satisfied she has captured the essence of what inspired the piece from its inception and along its journey to completion.

Her work is bold, expressive, contemplative, contemporary and timeless.

As Dusk Approaches
Artesian Flowlines
A Break in the Rain
SOLD - Shepherd's Witness
Towards the Summit
SOLD - Before the Rain
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